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Good reads, September part two

Mrs. Frugalwoods on finding balance between wanting to look decent and being frugal. I especially liked her summary of the unfulfilling, endless consumer carousel: « The more I buy, the more I think I need. The more I online shop, the more ads I see for cute dresses I might like to buy… The more I click on cute dresses, the more inadequate my current dresses feel. Doesn’t help that all of the models are size 0.The more I buy, the more money I spend. This is the obvious frugality argument and it’s one that’s well-hashed here on Frugalwoods. You know I love my captain obvious phrase: “The easiest way to save money is to just not buy anything.”The more I buy, the more stuff cluttering my life and mind. As established, I just gave away a metric ton of clothing. I don’t want to re-start bringing unnecessary clothes into my house only to have to later comb through and give them away. The other week I bought what I thought was a cute dress at a yard sale for $1. So, just a dollar and not much…

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